All traditional storage systems are time restricted, ranging from mere hours to a few days. During that time Oysters are out of their natural habitat and risks of bacterial infections and deaths are highly increased.

A Sealife Oyster Tank keeps the Oysters alive in a natural environment. A patented triple filter system eliminates bacterial risks. Oysters can be stored long term without raising food safety issues.

Due limited storage time and issues of freshness, establishments are forced to enforce black out dates. Availibility of oysters are not always guaranteed, leading to disappointed customers.


Having access to fresh Oysters 7 days a week; being able to store bigger stocks longer, allows the stablishments to offer Oysters all the time. No black out dates anymore, You'll be able to offer Oysters to customer whenever they ask for it!

Oysters stored outside of their natural environment will lose their taste very fast. After a short period they will simply not taste at the same freshness level anymore. Oysters kept with current,  limited storage solutions are also prone to develop a certain smell.


Sealife Oyster Tank stores the Oyster in a natural Sea environment. This unique solution guarantees absolute freshness at all times. After all it is as they are served directly from the sea to the table, leading to unbeatbale taste and flavor.

Black out dates, bacterial risks, deaths, over or expired stocks, loss of flavors and more, all make the Management of Oysters risky, complex and expensive. Although a must-have for any fine establishment, it also signfies an economic risk that can get costly.


Sealife Oyster Tank eliminates basically all risks in that relation and have a proven, short return on investment. Additionally Sealife offer customized ownership models, tailored exactly to your needs. In short, we make your Oyster business easy, efficient and profitable!